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Update on the State Budget and the Joint Finance Committee's motion #62

The final budget states that municipalities are prohibited from enacting ordinances that are stricter than the state standards, except that a municipality may enact an ordinace for stormwater management that is more stringent than state standards: 1) to control storm water quantity or local flooding; 2) to comply with federally approved total maximum daily load (TMDL) plans; and 3) to regulate existing development or redevelopment.

Thank you to all who contributed to making the NEWSC Drainage Easement Workshop a success!

Bob Schmeichel, Town of Neenah
Matt Heckenlaible, City of Green Bay
George Dearborn, Town of Menasha
Dean Schiller, Town of Greenville
Matt Parmentier, Edgarton, St. 
  Peter, Petak and Rosenfeldt

Jeff Mazanec, R.A. Smith National

Planners:  Members of the NEWSC Municipal Committee

Hosts:  Town of Grand Chute          


The NEWSC Municipal Committee
would like to hold more trainings
in this format.

If you have a topic idea,
please forward it on to Jessica
newsc@newsc.org or Jeff Mazanec, Municipal Committee Chair

Seasonal Home Owner Education

Kids can help too!  

Kids Can Help Too!

With Summer just around the corner, parents and grandparents will be looking for activities to do with the children in their life as well as ways to keep kids busy!

Kids can help too has information for families to work together to keep our local waterways clean. 

The Perfect Lawn

Arm your residents with the information they need to have a beautiful healthy green lawn without adding green to our waters.


Training Opportunities for Members:

CE Requirements for Professional Engineers
The Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services announced a new requirement for professional engineers.  30 hours of approved PDHs or equivalent continuing education units, pertinent to the practice of professional engineering are required every two years.  Click Here for an Excel copy of the DSPS tracking sheet for Engineer Continuing Education.

Make plans to educate Municipal Staff
Excal Visual training kits are available for checkout from the NEWSC library! These kits come with DVD, training booklets and a quiz. These are short trainings that can be done individually or for a whole crew.

  • Pollution Prevention: Check out the Excal Visual MS4 Pollution Prevention training video series titled "Rain Check" from the NEWSC library. Show employees how to practice good housekeeping, spill response, materials management, vehicle fueling, washing and other BMPs. 
  • Illicit Discharge: Check out the Excal Visual MS4 Illicit Discharge Training video titled "IDDE - A grate concern" (14 1/4 minutes) from the NEWSC library. This training focuses on the hazards of illicit discharges and show employees how to spot them. It show typical illicit discharges occurring at storm drain inlets and at outfalls. It instructs employees to report suspected illicit discharges.

Contact Jessica - newsc@newsc.org or 920.858.4246 to reserve the kit for your upcoming training dates.

Remember we can only be successful as an organization with participation from all of our members. 

Upcoming Meetings
Building & Development - Tuesday, July 23
General Public - TBD
Municipal - TBD
Leadership Council -Monday, July 15
Full Member Meeting - Monday, November 11
For detailed meeting information - check out the calendar


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